ICQ 5.1 Crash problem – Solution!

26th Nov: Update: Of course it will crash again if the contact that causes the crash is still online.
Try emptying bartcache folder and write protect it.

However I _strongly_ recommend you to sign up for the ICQ 6 Preview: http://www.icq.com/download/preview/

If your problem still exists in ICQ 6 Preview, you can report it as a bug and then it will most likely fixed for the final release.


17th Oct: Update: uninstalling won’t help, sorry.

The problem is caused by Trillian, Miranda, &RQ transfering a damaged image file into the Bartcache folder of ICQ5.1.
This folder is in C:Documents & Settings/WindowsUsername/Application Data/ICQLite/ICQNumber/Bartcache.
Notice that the Application Data Folder is a hidden one.

You will not lose data this way. Only the cached images will re-load.


Because many people asked me how to fix the ICQ 5.1 crash prpblem, here is the solution:

&RO Is not developed anymore:

From the homepage of &RO:

“IMPORTANT: this project is actually NOT developed anymore.
&RQ is still in developing stage, you can’t rely on it, so USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.
You pay nothing for it, so you can’t claim nothing.
Feel free to try it if you wish, but keep in mind that’s intended for expert people.”

In some cases also Miranda causes the problem.

Here is how to find it out:

You login with ICQ2go, send messages to your contacts. Those contacts who write you back and the ICQ2go! message window shakes and you here the uh-oh but no message appears, use ICQ clones which cause the problem.

Please notice: The ICQ Team is not responsible for ICQ clones. The developers of the ICQ clones that cause the problems have to fix it themselves!

UPDATE: The problem with Miranda seems to be connected to some avatars as seen here. However this problem wasn’t before Friday anyway according to my knowledge, so it is still connected with some protocol change I think. And Miranda needs a serious update.

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