Positive side effects after IE 7 installation!

I never thought installing IE7 would cause such positive side effects like those I will write here now.

Example 1) NASCAR Racing 2002 Session suddenly works 100%. The game has been updated after installation. Anyway, the crew speech would be cut off after a few seconds so I never heard complete sentences (which is no biggie since you can turn on text OSD.

So somehow installing IE7 totally fixed this! 🙂

Example 2) ICQ 5.1 operates more smooth and faster now! Thanks to the fact that ICQ 5.1 calls functions of IE. (As a result, ICQ 5.1 will stop to work correctly if something is wrong with your IE! (see my answer to the common Xtraz problem @ AllExperts). Thank you!

Example 3)

Opera is the real default browser now for surfing and email. Result: When I enter an URL in “My Computer” or Windows Explorer, Opera will start up and open the page (instead of MSIE as in earlier versions of IE). Clicking a mailto: link inside IE7 will open Opera instead of trying to open Outlook Express (which will trigger an error message since I don’t have installed it!)!

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