skipi — advanced Skype button wizard

Jaanus Kase, a Skype employee has been posting about a new status indicator button generator service made by the Swiss, as he posted about it here.

He mentiones a few disadvantages he found:

“SKIPI is basically Skype buttons on steroids. You enter your Skype Name and can then customize it a bit more than you can with the Skype wizard, especially the graphic part. On the other hand, it seems to offer only the “call” action, there was no option for “view profile” or “chat”.

Here’s a button that I made for myself with their wizard. Neat — only turns into a “callto” link when I’m online. (Then again, this means you can’t call me and get forwarded, and that you can’t leave me voicemail.)”

The developing company has even replied to him with a statement which can also be read at above link.

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