Skype Journal’s Rebirth

After the recent problems and return, SkypeJournal is completely back up now and with a new layout on a new webspace. Unfortunately also Bill Cambell left them because of internal problems. Which is so sad, since his posts were the best 🙂 (Yes, I have read a couple =) ).

SkypeJournal itself tells other reasons:

It’s been a while and lots has happened over the past five weeks. When I left for a week’s vacation on the WiFi-depleted island of Cozumel immediately after US Thanksgiving I did not expect to be off the air so long. However, our previous hosting provider (whose identity is unknown to me) ran out of the resources required to scale up a growing Moveable Type weblog. It got to a point where we could not even post new entries.

Well, maybe the truth lies somewhere in the midde! 😉

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