T-Mobile’s reply to new SPH101 Hotspot connect possibility

Because of the new firmware for the SPH101, I contacted T-Mobile and asked for a statement.

Here is their reply:

Quoting their firmware changelog, it probably should be possible to connect to our T-Mobile


Anyway, it’s still not totally clear, whether the HTML based authentification is possible or

not. This authentification is required, to leve the so called “wallet garden” after connecting.

To receive specific information from Netgear about this appears to be almost impossible.

Unfortuantely, in the internet, one can find only conflictive statements.

Because we do not distribute the SPH101, it’s unfortunately impossible for us to receive more

detailed information regarding the hotspot compatibility.

I think it’s worth a test but I have doubts because of the above mentioned HTML based authentification.


T-Mobile ServiceCenter – Multi Media Service“

If anybody out their has tried it: Please let me know!

Thanks! 🙂

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