Changing to Windows Vista 64bit – SB

As mentioned earlier, I planned to switch to Changing to Windows Vista 64bit – SB and now I finally did it. Not totally yet, so that’s why this is just part 1 of many to follow.

Part 1 – drivers (see details of hardware here)

My scanner really works with VueScan!

wanted to tell you, it works under Windows Vista 64bit. It shows error messages after installing because the driver is not certified and same with some app files. But after the setup, Windows Vista asks if it worked properly anyway.

It’s also listed in the Windows Vista Advisor/compatibility error check but it works anyway.
It even works if I do not start Vista with “surpress the need of certified drivers” option.

Windows Vista installed its own driver which crashed
So I took the one from the Logitech website and there you go 🙂

Works with the Windows XP X64 driver but beware, it will destroy your other NIC’s settings and driver! Vista is smart here, simply uninstall the driver of your normal NIC and it will re-install it and fix the damages and in the system 🙂


Works, apart from the fact that ATI autodetected my TV and so made the res limit set to 1024×768. I have disabled the cloning.

I have ran the TFT XP X64 software setup, it will come up with an error message and will ask you whether you want to abort it. I clicked NO and it installed anyway 🙂

The TFT’s inf files are not installed anyway.

Was no issue, installed and works like a dream

No issues so far yet either.


Not yet tried but should work.

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