Applications compatibility & drivers in Windows Vista X64

Since I have Windows Vista X64 for quite a while now I thought it would be the perfect moment now to share the points of views and experiences I gained with the readers of this blog:

The appplication support is really not bad, the main problem are drivers. E.g. my Logitech Orbit MP3 has a _horrible_ driver, means it causes 100% CPU load when anything with sound is playing
thing that is not supported are 16bit, means no more Windows 3.1 software or 3.1 based install routines. (So no Monster Truck Madness 1/2 from 1996/98 or Sierra games from the 90’s).

Some people have the Windows Vista Applications Compatibility update installed (which is available for all Windows Vista versions of course and even Windows XP Pro X64! – (Same update released on the same day). Those updates – according to their release note – include fixes for Opera 9

When Opera crashes and you send a report of this to MS and then look for solutions, Vista will download a message from Microsoft’s severs, stating that Microsoft fails to get in touch with the Opera Team and suggets the Vista user to uninstall Opera.

Well, I have to admit, in some ways I am disappointed, like misleading fraud detections of PayPal.

One would think they would work together with Microsoft but according to what Microsoft states, they don’t.

Another big plus of Windows Vista is: I didn’t manage yet to destroy it. In older Windows, you had no access to the system restore when Windows refused to boot up you only could use the recovery console and replace all files in 50% of all cases, Windows XP got destroyed more then (bluescreen, etc). In Vista howerver you have the Vista CD which you can just boot up and into Vista’s PE graphical enviroment and run all the system critical stuff like system restore points, Vista’s disk image, etc.

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