ICQ 6 Q&As

Now the internet has some interesting places for Q&As for ICQ 6.

The ICQ Team released some offical Q&As at this place.

The most interesting facts:

“Why have you removed ICQ 5.1 features from ICQ 6?

We’ve been rewriting all of our features from scratch. Think of it as reinventing your instant messaging experience. Gone are the separate programs for chat, making a call, and using video. We’ve brought it all together into one package, where navigation is simple and organized


Which features were improved?

Some of our features were improved to fit within our new layout, others were written from scratch.

New, improved and innovative features in ICQ 6 include:
Quick IM – letting the user send messages to contacts without opening a message window.
Easy message access – simple navigation between incoming messages.
Tabbed conversations – easy switch between ongoing conversations.
History – new design to search history of messages, files, calls etc.
Search – easy-to-use search through the Contact List, on the ICQ site, and on the web.
File sharing – quicker, safer and with auto accept of files from contacts plus option to close window while transferring files.
ICQ 6 now support up to 1000 friends in your Contact List.
Soundtrack – an all new soundtrack composed exclusively for ICQ by the progressive psy-trance duo Infected Mushroom.


Any new stuff planned in the future?

New updates are planned to be released througout the year. One of the aspects in future updates that we would like to focus on is user involvement, which is essential to the ICQ 6 experience. For example ICQ is looking into ways to enable users to create their own ICQ Xtraz features or languge packages. ICQ 6 updates are also planned to include new packages of sounds, emoticons, devils and tZers that can be easily downloaded and shared. Updates are also planned to include our own web 2.0 services, such as ICQ Pictures, ICQ Videos and a new ICQ Mail service.”

The most interesting feature is for sure the new limit of 1000 contacts in total! (remember: in past this limit was 600 contacts in total!)

They do not say whether the limit of 250 people per group has been exceeded, aswell!

The second intersting list is the list ofKnown problems and bugs (ICQ6), the list answers a lot of questions the official ICQ 6 Q&A doesn’t answer.
As I understood it, his forum is also a place for support. Which is a great idea considering that ICQ has No support anymore.

Furthermore, please notice my statement regarding the message history migration problems here.

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