ICQ 6 is out in Bulgarian, updated German Sat1 & Pro7 clients

ICQ6 is out in Bulgarian now (branded), released by Bulgarian ABV. It’s probably also featuring provider related services and functions in its xtraz, just like ICQ 6 German Pro7 and ICQ 6 German Sat1.
Maybe such will also appear sooner or later appear if you use the official English client and live in the matching country Just like it happened in ICQ 5.1

Anyway, it’s interesting that ABV is among the first now since they only did that for ICQ 5 and skipped ICQ 5.1.

If you are interested in the Xtraz, see my SAT1 Xtraz description. Only new in ICQ 6 are:

Auto Xtra: This one nothing more than a virtual agency for arranged lifts.

Horoscope Xtra: Read your personal hororoscope or make a love or partner test

Xtraz description by me of the Pro 7 German client

New in ICQ 6 is just the PlanetPopstars Xtra which is a sing comunity that allows to upload your own singing by using your phone or judge the singing of others.

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