RTX sent me a new Cordless USB DualPhone!

A few days ago, I really received a replacement for my old RTX Cordless USB DualPhone.

I had the problem that my Cordless USB Dualphone (so the old model has a display problem (the right side is cut off so I could only see… gaps) and since I have 2 years warranty and I bought it June 2006, I could it get replaced, problem was that the mail trader doesn’t have it on sale anymore and they would have had to send it directly to RTX and this would probably have taken weeks, but I had only this one DECT phone.

A few days later I received an email from RTX asking for my postal address.

And a week later, I received finally a parcel from Denmark, it was the one from RTX 🙂

Despite the fact it’s the same model, there are some differences and changes:

1) The handset echo problem I had at PSTN calls is gone.
2) The display and backlight colour is yellow, not green anymore (I prefered the green to be honest)
3) The protection of the headset jack is now better, i.e. it’s as long as the hole and not longer as in the past
4) The connector cord of the battery pack is longer allowing you to place the bettery into the holder better

I have manged to replace the handset by signing off the old one and signing on the new one. The phone book is obviously either saved on the computer or in the base station since it took over the entries I had “in the old handset”.

Then I had to reinstall the Dualphone Suite again in order to get the handset updated to the actual firmware release.

I have to thank again Carsten Helmuth for his help and support and RTX for supplying a replacement unit!

According to Amazon customer reviews, the problem with the disapearing letters on the display after a year seems to be also with other handhelds of this dualphone. Let’s hope they improved this, aswell!

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