Ipevo TRIO and the Windows Vista thing

Ipevo is an amazing company.

The Ipevo TRIO and the Windows Vista thing got a level higher now.

First they claimed it was Windows Vista and 64bit compatible while it clearly wasn’t. (no the buttons on my device are for sure not broken).

Then Ipevo stated it’s caused by a bug in Winows Vista and […] “If Microsoft will solve these issues, we can also upgrade and correct this function in the future.”

After the release of Service Pack 1 the statment I got is that Windows Vista is not supported for the Ipevo TRIO.

However on the product info page it still says it’s compatible with Vista:


Well, the new driver features now a setup routine which features an auto detection mechanism also used by Logiteh and Epson. This totally locks out installation under Vista as the device is ignored there. (Vista itself detects it as normal USB sound device just the buttons and recording functions doesn’t work – except volume + – and the mute button)

It’s sad to see that a prodcut like the TRIO doesn’t support Vista eventhough the TRIO shouldn’t be too much older than the final of Windows Vista.

Also the “secret hidden” firmware download side of the SOLO got removed now but it’s still linked from the news “ticker” on the main page, which leads then to a:

“Not Found

The requested URL /products/solo/solo_download.htm was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at www.ipevo.com Port 80″

A bummer really, and a sad thing for the Skype user community.

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