Creatures (C64) and Mayhem in Monsterland (C64) have been commerically re-released!!!!

Okay, the Re-Release of Mayhem in Monsterland is nothing new. They already did so in December last year but Creatures 1 also got re-released now, which is new.

Mayhem in Monsterland is together with Lemmings the latest commercially released C64 game in the commercial mainstream time of this machine (1982-1994).

Quoting Wikipedia:

“Mayhem in Monsterland featured both high-quality graphics and high speeds, a combination that had never before been seen on the C64. This was made possible by taking advantage of a bug in the computer’s graphics chip, the VIC-II, that allowed scrolling the entire screen up to the width of one screen — 320 pixels — in hardware. Normally the C64 can only scroll the screen 7 pixels in hardware. This technique had been used in demos before, but it is believed that Mayhem in Monsterland was the first commercial game to do this.

The game was chronicled during production in Commodore Format magazine, which later awarded it a controversial 100% approval score in its final review.”

My personal hint is, get the deluxe deluxe disks versions, the packing etc is awesome, it’s really worth it!

So order 🙂

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