Vivatel’s reply

Vivatel sent me a reply letter recently regarding my experience with them in November last year.

I was even sent as a registered letter!

They also enclosed a 2nd sheet of paper featuring a Bulgarian version of their reply (no use for me, not a language I speak =) ).

“Thank you for your letter regarding your vivate! services.

vivatel is a company that values its customers and aims to provide the highest standard of Customer Service.

frst, let me personally apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced calling vivatel Customer Service i can assure you that vivatel employees a highly competent and professional team of service experts, many of whorr speak excellent English, vivatel recognizes the diversity of its customer base and as such offers an English option or the IVR and routes calls to English speaking representatives.

I would like to inform you that vivatel doesn’t charge it’s customers for incoming calls when they are in Bulgaria.

When a vivatel customer is abroad, he will have to pay for the incoming calls according to the roaming agreements and the price list of the specified roaming service provider.

Full information concerning prices and charge of calls of our roaming partners is available on our official website:

If you need additional information please, call vivatel Customer Service at 087 123, at any time, by choosing option 1 for English.
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
Elitsa Shopova
Head of Customer Service”

Very nice of them! Apology accepted! I actually didn’t even think they would bother to answer at all. At first I thought it was some letter made of standard text blocks.
Instead it even is very detailed and they took the time to offer it in 2 languages.

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