Opera Mail: What to do on data loss?

Recently I stood infront of a problem: All my emails from September 2007 – recently where no longer found by Opera Mail.

The solution was given by an Opera Team member to me: mbs2mbx,

Quoting the product page:

“MBS2MBX – What is it good for?

MBS2MBX is a conversion tool that reads e-mails from Opera’s e-mail client M2 and saves them as mbox files. Mbox is a quite wide-spread file format and can be imported by different e-mail clients


It works indeed problem free and in Vista X64, too!

Here is a little help for your emails SENT folder:

“import them all to inbox and then re-export them and reimport them to sent folder”. It’s a bit a fiddling but afterwards you just have to remove the mails from the imported filters by right click “remove from view”! then you can remove the filters.

Only sideeffect of the fact that Opera handles Newsfeeds like emails is that they are imported in the email inbox too but you can easily pick them and delete them individually from your inbox.

If you switch from another tool or online email service that allows exporting the email address book then Dawn which is an address converter that convers them into Opera Mail address book’s ADR format! The latest version of Dawn 5.4 beta (build 5402) September 3 2006 supports Vista, too! (works on my 64bit installation).

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