Finally found it! Hard Gay Kiki Ippatsu (Pop-Up Pirate)

Finally found it! Hard Gay Kiki Ippatsu (Pop-Up Pirate).

Mr Dew offfers a description of Hard Gay and the youtube videos of the whole story.

Mr Dew wrote:

Hard Gay is just an entertainer in Japan in this variety show Bakuten. He likes to go around and say “Whoooo” and “Ohhhh” and vibrate his hips and scream “Haddo Gei”. His favorite music would probably be Livin’ Da Vida Loca. He goes around helping people with his black leather shirt and shorts. He is popular among the young people.”

In the comment and on his homepage you can that he has a lot offans everywhere around the world!

There is also a BCC feature video on YouTube here.

I also want to thank Timothy Takemoto for his permission to use his pic on my wishlist and supplying me with some info regarding the current state of the comedian “Hard Gay”!

As I bought it myself now we can see that the “preserved” status on my wishlist back then was not the truth! What a pity!

Want to have your own? it’s still for sale on ebay now titled as Hard Gay Narrow Squeak Game while it’s usually sold out anywhere else!

I now have just wait for it to arrive! I will post a review of it once it arrived!

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