My experiences on getting a Pleo

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I have decided recently to finally get myself a Pleo from Ugobe. However Ugobe went bankrupt roughly a month ago so bad news for me.

So help Saving The Pleo!!! <--- click it :)

So my first step was trying to find out whether I could still buy it from one of my prefered sellers for a reasonable price. I found that ComputerUniverse still have them in stock for a reasonable price (around 250 € back then).

Then I tried to ask the remaining local companies/partners of Pleo / Ugobe whether they still support Pleo owners, etc.

Pleo Malaysia and Pleo Italy haven’t replied to date (I resent my inquiries yesterday this time directly to their HQs)

Then I found that there are stronger rechargeable batteries (Li-Polymer ) that can keep Pleo awake for 2 hours instead of just one.

I did a longer research and found that Litec Computer was very helpful but unfortunately the batteries are sold out, only some chargers are left in stock. Then I found in the forum Pleo Dino Netherlands a post quoting Ucube (Ugobe Taiwan) address.

To avoid further frustration I did a search on them and found the statement of Ucube that they will continue supporting Pleo:

“Asia-Pacific region has always been the product support is responsible for Ugobe Asia from, Ugobe Asia and the United States is Ugobe separate company, Ugobe company is mainly responsible for the United States R D and design, it is the Asia-Pacific region sales and after-sales service and will not be affected .”

Furthermore they stated:

“Ugobe Asia for the Asia-Pacific region with Pleo pet owners to provide technical support and customer service, all the rights and interests of all users will not be damaged. “

So I decided to give it a try and sent an email to Ucube asking wether they would sell me the batteries with the chargers and a dew days later I received an email with a calculation for a pack of 2.

Since some questions were left open I decided to give them a ring and the person who picked up was very nice and polite and with very decent English skills 🙂

after a couple of more small calls and emails the payment went through and I today received the EMS Tracking information for the parcel!

They also confirmed that they “of course!” will support Pleo as ususal despite the bankruptcy of Ugobe!

So much dedication for Pleo owners deserves a golden Leaf award, hehe! 🙂

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Meanwhile there are rumours that Pleoworld Italy won the auction of all the Pleo stuff.

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