cheap international dialing on your iPhone: Vopium!

I was recently invited to text the new Vopium for iPhone. So it would work like entering your mobile phone number and it would SMS you with a download link to Vopium, in the case of the iPhone it will be a link to the app in the AppStore.

Bring time with you when you want to register, and setup vopium, it will take a while. However they have excellent guidance online.

Vopium is very proud about their excellent call quality to Pakistan.

It re-routes all calls through their gateway if you are on GSM not wifi.

Quoting them:

“How Vopium works:
Vopium is a free software program that uses mobile VoIP, Wi-Fi & GSM technology to reduce the cost of international phone calls on mobile whilst also maintaining excellent call quality. Free and easy to download, Vopium integrates directly with the address book on the phone, automatically re-routing all international calls via the least expensive method available. “

, however e.g. for iphone users over here the least expensive mode depends on the tariff. in mine I can decide whether I have a flatrate for national landline phones or T-Mobile mobile phones. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the answer what kind of gateway number it uses (mobile or landline?) for re-routing in time for this review, I have used Wi-Fi anyway.

Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi calls are for free while ordinary calls cost a little. The costs are compareable to Skype’s.

Hower they also offer international packages (flatrates) but the special thing about them is that they also have special flatrates for Turkey, India and Pakistan!

What are your alternatives for voip calls on a non-wifi connection on the iphone? Well, for once there is IM+ For Skype but there the routing works like a call back service and costs you money. Then there is Talkster but it doesn’t support all countries.

So Vopium closes the gap here.

About call quality I cannot say much yet as I didn’t have a chance to make a lot of calls yet but I have suggested them to give me a chance for further test calls and I would post the test results in a follow on my blog.

So far, when I complained about a call to a Peruvian mobile sounding like Micky Mouse, they’ve improved that so customer service works.

Also the short call to Bulgaria mobiles was in fine quality.

So go and get it and try it out 🙂

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