When Nokia lets you down after being honest

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Yes, I have learned my lesson. Never be a honest customer if it could turn out negative to you eventhough you didn’t do anything wrong.

I was seeking a micro SD card with Mini SD adapter for my handheld device and so I have ordered it online (never had an issue with that, done that for years).

Unfortunately the mail trader sent me the wrong adapter so it was useless for me. I was calling them and they told me “just put it in an envelope and send it back” to which I replied: “I better use an alternative that tracks letters so it won’t get lost”. Said & done, so I put it in an envelope and sent it off.

Returning home 10 mins later I received an email “as told on phone please send it as a parcel and write the following RMA number on it.”

I was thinking “are you kidding me????” and emailed them back I was told on phone otherwise.

That’s how the nightmare started… 10 days later still no refund so I sent an email to them and they told me it hadn’t arrived. No problem, asking the private mail company telling them the stamp number they checked it out and told me when it was delivered and to where, I sent that to the mail trader (along with a copy of the report of delivered items by the postman I was sent). Their reply was it is wrong.

So since the card was from Nokia I sent them an email explaining the case and that I can proof everything and I am ready to forward that all to them.

Their reply was they will send me a replacment. They asked me what I use it for, I replied for a game handheld and that was the wrong answer. They replied me back they have changed their mind since I don’t have a Nokia phone.

Being sad about this, I decided to call their hotline, they told me they will call me back I said “no problem, I am on holidays”.

They of course didn’t call me back until my holidays were over and I had to go to work again. They left me a message on my voicemail that they cannot send me a replacement.

A few days later I received an email from Nokia with a customer satisfaction poll.

I replied back I won’t answer it to raise a protest.

Sad, very sad.

What do we learn from this? Never be too honest.

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