The real solution for adding / enabling Quick Launch in Windows 7!

Since Windows 7 is out and I own and use it, there is one that disturbed me right away: The Windows XP / Vista QuickLaunch is missing in Windows 7! Sure you can restore it, but it will disappear randomly again! (Which is a bug in Windows 7 according to Microsoft Technet.).

So there is another solution, a freeware one named “JumpLaunch” at this page, just the tiny problem, that it doesn’t work if you have Crap Cleaner installed or other programs as seen on the Forum Thread: Clicking shortcuts does nothing.

There are tons of tools that cost money and other tons of freeware tools that allow you all kind of fancy modifications and real resource hooks! Then I found True Launch Bar which I installed and it just opened as a tiny window in my Windows 7 X64. But then I found there is also a a beta version which is also working in Windows 7 X86 and X64 and is integrating seamlessly into the taskbar just like the good old Quick Launch of Windows XP and Windows Vista and it really works! – Bug free! Thank you, guys 🙂

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