Skype releases new Skype 5 beta (

Skype recently released new Skype 5 beta (

Interesting snippets from the changelog (

* Offline instant messaging
* Enhanced call experience under problematic conditions

Finally (!) it seems to be possible to send offline messages (as known from ICQ and others). _important_ is that this doesn’t influence my Skype phones (because the “Skype on Devices” client is no longer updated by Skype since end of 2007!).

Furthermore, the 5 beta version fixes some issues of the 4.x versions:

text messages are sometimes not delivered eventhough both parties are online and have no connection problems, Mic doesn’t work on some DELL laptops, HD video

So for those who have problems with the latest final, it might be worth the update for you despite still in beta status! But bear in mind that beta means it has bugs and some things might work not as expected.

Also something very nice is automatic resuming calls thatr dropped, if the other party comes back in time. it looks like this:

Also they re-designed the look of the contact list and it’s now matching more the look of the iPhone client in my opinion. Here an example:

An in all a very worthy and nice release that supplies long missed features or features we didn’t know we would miss before they were offered to us 🙂

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