Bad decisions by previous heros in the industry cause people hitting on the forehead: Opera

Sometimes, I simply have to slap my hand on the forehead looking how decisions by previous heroes of the industry cause a huge impact to the user experience.

First example: Opera. Whatever have driven them to change their way of loading the mails when opening Opera browser (oh right, it was made to make the browser itself startup faster….uhm.), fire this guy.

Sure, I am a die-hard Opera fan, using it since 10 years now. But what they did to the Opera Mail client earlier this year, is unacceptable: Instead of loading it together with the browser, now the mail database is loaded afterwards which means I can watch 5 (!) minutes until my emails are loaded up, which is a pain if the browser crashes for some reason or I want to “quickly” check my emails in the morning! (this is not possible anymore to do it quickly).

It only saves a couple of seconds in the startup of the Opera browser but it causes such a huge negative impact to users like me who have gigabytes of emails!

The solution? Get a faster system!

I am not the only one complaining. Feel free to check out this thread in the Opera Forum.

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