My Forum is back!

Regular readers of my blog probably wonder why the “Forum” button has been broken for so long.

Problem is that I always relied on free services of friends. Unfortunately such kinds that don’t make backups or suddenly switch off their service/servers.

In fact The buttons used are still hosted and managed by my blogger friend Mr. Dew who is in touch with me since 6 years now.

And in the years 2006-2010 Opera and Blogger had some issues that would automatically insert garbage when editing some template code. Thanks to Nebulous who is kind of a celebrity in the German video gaming scene, the code got repaired!

But regarding the forum I always missed somebody 100% reliable so here you go Facebook, thanks to its pages and Discussions App, I found a way to connect it to my blog’s Forum feature. I hope you will use it and find it useful.

Infact I often receive emails with advertisement offers or emails from people who ran into similar issues I reported on my blog and ask me for helping them.

One of the coolest was probably an email from a Brazilian university professor who told me he refers to my blog during IT seminars to his technical students.

That’s pretty cool, especially if you consider that my blog was created just for fun without any aim or destination, and I still don’t go over my written text and correct any grammar or spelling errors because it’s “Crap Blog”, so let it be!

Thanks for your continued support over the past years and I will try to stay available for you!

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