Things you need to know to become MCSA certified

The MCSA is a mid-level credential that can be acquired between the MCP and MCSE credentials. The MCSA certification is intended for framework administrators and helpdesk support experts who execute, oversee, as well as troubleshoot existing Microsoft network and system infrastructures. The MCSA is a stepping stone toward a definitive objective of becoming an MCSE certified if that is your picked career path. One advantage of pursuing the MCSA certification first is that if in future you choose to go for the MCSE certification, all the MCSA exams will count toward the MCSE certification.

To become an MCSA certified you need to have a thorough comprehension of the following:

  1. Creating, Configuring, Maintaining, Securing, and Troubleshooting File, Print, and Web Resources:
    You ought to have the ability to distribute different sources into Active Directory and manage file systems, authorizations, and disk quotas. It is imperative to know how to make virtual directories and servers, start-stop administrations, and execute encryption (SSL). You should likewise know how to troubleshoot Internet browsing from client PCs and manage and design an FTP site.
  2. Configuring, Administering, and Troubleshooting the Network Infrastructure:
    You have to successfully troubleshoot routing issues utilizing different diagnostic utilities including Tracert, Ping, Pathping, and IPconfig. You ought to comprehend TCP/IP and how it is associated with servers and clients on the OSI model. Since you’ll presumably need to troubleshoot and fix DHCP on servers and client computers in many cases, the MCSA requires that you know how to recognize unapproved DHCP servers on the system & network and troubleshoot, configure, and maintain DNS, WINS, and NetBIOS protocols.
  3. Managing, Securing, and Troubleshooting Servers and Client Computers:
    You should have the ability to install and configure server and client computer hardware and troubleshoot servers and workstations that won’t boot. You have to comprehend what Safe Mode, the Recovery Console, and parallel establishments are and how they can enable you to recoup a framework that won’t boot. As an MCSA, you should know how to manage and install Windows 2000 updates. You should likewise have the ability to rapidly install service packs, hotfixes, and security flaws that Microsoft posts.
  4. Configuring, Managing, Securing, and Troubleshooting Active Directory Organizational Units and Group Policy:
    You should be able to create, oversee, and troubleshoot client and group objects inside Active Directory (AD). When working with the AD, you should know how to oversee object & container authorizations and analyze AD replication issues.
  5. Configuring, Securing, and Troubleshooting Remote Access:
    You should know how to appropriately configure and troubleshoot remote access and virtual private network connections (VPN). With Windows 2000, Terminal Services is currently accessible as by default, and you should have the ability to execute and troubleshoot Terminal Services for remote access. Moreover, you should know how to install and configure Terminal Services and comprehend the permitting ramifications you may experience.

uCertify being an online learning platform provides courses for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate MCSA certification exams. The MCSA certification training program prepares you on all the Microsoft technologies and trains you to pass the MCSA certification exams.

Learn skills to Administer Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases

SQL Server is a relational database management system, which provides comprehensive tools and add-ons for data-driven applications, enterprises, or business intelligence (BI). Data technology and services market is estimated to reach USD 57 billion by 2020. Considering the amount of data generated and stored on a daily basis, skills to handle complicated database is highly demanded by employers all around the world. As per the stats, more than 50% of the hiring managers prefer the certified administrator. Therefore, earning a SQL Server certification is the step to boost your career in the IT domain.

Microsoft offers Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases: 70-462 certification exam. This certification is designed for the professionals who install, maintain, and configure tasks; set up and operate database systems; store, back up, and secure data from unauthorized access. Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases certification validates the expertise of candidates to install and configure SQL Server, maintain instances and databases, optimize and troubleshoot, manage data, implement security, and implement high availability. Earning a Microsoft SQL Server certification qualifies you for a position of a database developer or database analyst.

Once you earn the SQL Server certification, you will be able to apply the tactics of application development in coordination with SQL Server. This indirectly benefits you with a more responsible attitude toward your profession. With a Microsoft SQL Server certification, you can stand ahead of the crowd in terms of career advancements and job prospects. A Microsoft certification holds great value in the IT industry and work efficiency improvement and salary upscale.
So, want to be a Microsoft SQL certified professional? Then start your prep today with uCertify Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases (Course & Lab).

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