Getting Need For Speed SHIFT & Need For Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed working in the year 2022 in Windows 11

Getting Need For Speed SHIFT 1 and 2 to work in the year 2022 in Windows 11 is not easy. As my original DVDs no longer read properly, tried to get the game, digitally, but it has been both unlisted in Steam and removed from Origin in May 2021.

Anyway, after finally getting keys, how to solve the “error contacting the license server” problem for SHIFT, see here.

For SHIFT 2, if you use the Steam version check how to install the PhysX engine / repair installation when using the steam version.

In the Origin version, I found PhysX in this folder: EA Games\SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED__Installer\customcomponent\Game_CustomComponent

As it was already installed, just selecting “repair” copied in the DLL file that the game was missing.

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