Too Restrictive!

Sometimes, I bet you cannot believe certain things, at least I can’t.

Like trying to add my fotolog, photoblog or – whatever you want to call it – to a listing for those.

And what happens?! It says this:

“Because a photoblog at this domain already exists, you can’t add
at this time. If you feel that this is in error, please visit our Known
Issues and Bugs page
 for more information.”

This is totally cheesy, read for yourself!

Meanwhile I realized there was that old domain I had, and certain old pages.

So within the next 2 hours, you will find my fotolog also at

You may also visit my two old christmas hompeages at (2001) and (2002).

Right, I didn’t do any Christmas Sites for the recent 2 years, because I no longer had ideas! If you have ideas for my Christmas 2005 Site, please email me!

Notice that certain URLs (including mailto: URLs!) on those old sites are no longer valid!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Trash Mail

Today, I was just suppossed to delete the messages in my trash forever, and now suddenly I receive it again; that “Oops we have a problem.”.

Seems my blog becomes a promotion for Gmail’s errors and the incredible “We can’t help you” emails from the GMail team.

Beta yes, but is that a reason to not help me out at all?!….

Still have 4 invitations left 🙂

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google error

google error
Originally uploaded by nafcom.

Hello and welcome to our daily feature of Google Errors.

Today: No login to google’s mail service.

Today’s featured error:



Server Error

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.”

And I still can not access my spam folder! 🙁

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The Plant

I have thought long about what to write in my tonight’s blog entry.

I had no idea at all, even not yesterday. … No idea, nooooo idea.

Well, until I saw the newspaper and discussed it with a friend today.

Bush. Now, over here, he is refered as the most powerful and important human on the world.

I wonder…why? Is it because USA is the biggest country? Is it because a plant got re-elected? I have no idea.

But well, let’s go on with the Presidential Inauguaration:

They had a very good article about Bush in the newspaper. He has been asked to do no party at all in memory of the Iraq war, and the reporter wrote: “Well, he seems to know Bush very badly! Instead he has done the most expensive party ever. Over 40 Million USD!”Ah and he added, he did that beginning party in the state where he got the fewest supporters-. He said: “In our eyes ironic, but in USA not impossible”. he got only 9% They also wrote in the average he danced on each ball not even 3 minutes”

Now, in his speech, he used very often the words “freedom and liberty” as you can see in this movie. They count down the Freedom and Liberty words he uses 🙂

Their dungeon master 🙂

Also see this interesting blog entry!

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And bloggers – The 2nd!

2 days no update, that means it’s time for another update to my blog!

Well, I have improved a bit the design of my blog. The side pannel should always stay in shape, even if you watch a direct linkes entry. And at 1024 x 768, even from watching inside my homepage frame!

I have also moved some of the link buttons to my own webspace which speeds up the loading time of my blog!

Also the homepage Blogs Around The World caught my attention, which focusses on (quoted) “English-written sites (that at least occasionally focus on country-specific news) for as many countries as possible.”.

A very interesting page, I think!

I also found on the ICQ2GO! Panel Site a reference to this blog about 9/11.

Also 2 Iraq News blogs: here and here.

I also found a (LOL!) XXX blog dated back from 2001 and a viagra shop blog!

Maybe should delete those blogs! I don’t think they normally allow this!

Unfortunately most of my fave blogs didn’t get an update since January, 13th. 🙁

GMail The 4th!

The GMail Team replied to me again:

“Hello Joerg,

Thank you for your response. While Gmail doesn’t currently support the functionality to disable thespam filter, we are testing many new features to improve the Gmailservice. Please note that it is also not possible for us to enter youraccount to transfer the messages in ‘Spam’ to your inbox.


The Gmail Team

This mean for me, my emails in the spam folder are lost 🙁

I have replied asking if there is at least any way to rescue my emails!!! 🙁

I hope they will reply back once more and rescue them!

Wish me luck, cross your fingers for me, please!!

Promotion For My Blog! :)

I began a bit with promotion for my blog, and a part of this is also my animated button for my blogger:

I also added myself to two webrings and one explosion service, blus a real Blog Banner Exchange and I have added myself to several web directories for blogs!

Also now you can rate my blog below!

I don’t exspect much from the blogger webrings, but a lot from the banner exchange and I have mixed feelings about the web directories!

The references to all services are gently seperated with a hr line. O:-)

Also I have signed my blog into search engines (international).

Let me know your opinion!

Comment on it! 🙂

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