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The ICQ Focus Group is an official group mastered by the ICQ Team to discuss ICQ in general. The ICQ Team reads and replies to posts, as well.
Founded on March, 29th, 2004 the ICQ Focus Group already celebrated its 1st year 🙂

Because some people complained the ICQ Team never replies to posts (eventhough they do), here the complete lists of the ICQ worker Ehud Khenan (hope to have spelled his name correctly!) (Udo – The ICQ Team):

(recent is top (as of latest replies))…
Udo announces ICQ Fight!
Udo suggests trying ICQ 5 since a user has problem using Miranda here.
Udo suggests trying to use ICQ2Go since somebody’s network admin has blocked login.icq.com, here.
About the download pages here!
Rules for photo upload here!
Start a Warsheep game now (single player mode), here!
New ICQ Toolbar with RSS support got released
Random Chat is back here!
Udo replies to loss of ICQ2003b features & ICQ 5, here
About changing of ICQmail ID here
About sound disturbance of TV cards and Flash animations caused by ICQ 5 here
Displaying error of advertisement in Pool, here
Creating an email signature here
Announcement of new ICQ Sounds here
ICQ5 doesn’t run on Win 98… (user meant First Edition). here.
Announcement of the new ICQ Help Center including Knowledge Base and Ticketing Systemhere.
Answer to a user who loses his password (password remember)here.
Regarding the Knowledge Base article about the Auto Update feature
Anouncement of released ICQProToICQ5 History Converter, here and here
How to enable the typing sound in ICQ 5 here
About the spam systems of ICQ Client and the ICQ Boards here
Regarding the Ignore List and changing this system here
Announcement of ICQ 5 in Hebrew here
Udo about ICQ Email Support here
Udo thanks for reporting translation errors in ICQ here
Udo about ICQ Spam here
Udo answers a question about the Chat Request and how to change the User Details here
Udo asks for details about a language related problem here
Udo’s reply about a bug when adding users whom’s nickname contains a dash here
About problems with ICQMail account here
Udo’s reply about the ICQ 4/5 & Windows 98 First Edition problem here
Udo’s comments about a big ICQ Improvments List, here here
Udo answering questions about the Devil Factory here
Udo announces that Random Chat will be back here
Udo writes about the releasedate of the ICQ2003b Pro to ICQ5 history converter here
Udo announcing new ICQ Game “Warsheep” here
Udo speaking about how to change the tray icon preferences here
Udo thanking for comments about the ICQ Phone Chat Brazil banners here
Udo’s additional statement about ICQ’s support of Opera browser here.
Udo announcing new Password Assistance System here.
Udo explaining ICQ Devil Market here.
(more info about the availbility of the Devil Market in the Expert Board here)!
Udo announced ICQ 5 in German and Portuguese here.
Expert Chat Log here.
Expert Chat here.
No sending of SMS to Israel from ICQ5 here.
ICQ Video in Windows 98? here.
Anouncement of ICQ 2003b Pro to ICQ5 History Converter here.
ICQ5 build #2309 Announcement here.
flICQ (ICQ2GO! 0.92 Alpha) question here.
About changing sounds & emoticons in ICQ 5 here
About shutting down ICQ services here.
Can’t get in the chats here.
About History Function here.
ICQ5 non-beta from ICQ FTP here.
ICQ Support here.
ICQ Mail Dashboard Announcement here.
Poll: How many contacts do you have on your contact list? here.
Announcement of ICQ 5 Beta! here.
About “is typing” feature here.
Udo explaining ICQ Surveys & ICQ Focus Group here.
ICQMail updated here.
Disable Tray Notifications here.
ICQ Turned 8! here.
Udo speaks about ICQ Pro & Xtraz Center here.
Plugins vs. Xtraz – Udo’s comments, here
Poll: ICQ Pro VS. ICQ Lite here.
Error Code Numbers here.
Poll: Where do you use ICQ the most here.
ICQ answers in welcome to ICQ Focus Group thread here
Does ICQ actually read this board? & helps Nafcom with history export problem in ICQ 2003b Pro here.
ICQMail announcement here.
How do you comment the Spamguard feature of the ICQ Toolbar? – ICQ Team’s answer here.
ICQ Error Numbers Announcement here
New Emoticons for ICQ5 announcementhere.
Poll: User created features here.
Poll: Chatting with your friends here
Questions To ICQ Team here.
Announcement of multiple chat & Multiple Screen in ICQ5 and random chat here.
Search for people:here.
Poll: Costumizing ICQ here.
Udo explaining Voice Chat here.

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