The While-Disaster!

Please notice & read my blog’s entry The Pre-Disaster! before going on with reading this one!

So now I have moved, mother & co got the ex-monopoly phone company for phoning again.
Now I have my troubles, why? Oh because this all sucks so much.
The cable company: “Oh we forgot you!” and I was like “WHAAAAT? LISTEN, I APPLIED ON NOVEMBER, NOW IS NEAR FEBRUARY, AND YOU TELL ME -we fotgot you- AND THAT I HAVE TO WAIT 3 ADDITIONAL WEEKS?????????”
A consulting company was here last week’s Monday, checking everything in the cellar, only have to replace the cable TV’s junction box. I think: “Oh great, so all goes quick now!”.

Ahhh, I will tell you a secret; They sent out a fax to sign to my flat’s owner and NOTHING HAPPENED! “Oh right, yeah, I something wasn’t clear & I had a question…” I mean, if I had a son who was electican, I would ask him and not let wait other people, i.e. me till over 1 week has passed! I mean I have applied in November, now it’s SOON MARCH and I am on this AHHHHHHHHRGHHH analog dial-up modem line.
Slow, and expensive. Oh did I mention it was slow?

Damn, I miss ICQ & Skype! I want ICQ & Skype again!

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