Google Earth Hacks / European Weather Forecast

After Google Earth went 3D, now “Stadsman” released “Weather Forecast Today & Tomorrow Central Europe“.

On my browse through Google search results I found a site which offers incredible much downloads for Google Earth called “Google Earth Hacks“.


3D Models (13) – New three-dimensional models to add to your Earth
— Alabama Cities (1) – Cities in Alabama with some new 3D buildings
— Georgia Cities (1) – Cities in Georgia with some new 3D buildings
— Individual Structures (10) – Noteworthy structures rendered in 3d
— Michigan Cities (1) – Cities in Michigan with some new 3D buildings

Current Events (20) – Locations of events making the news
— Tour de France (17) – Locations from the 2005 Tour de France

Network Links (1) – These items are updated constantly, based on where you are in your Earth.

Random Cool Stuff (27) – Map quirks, crop circles and other neat stuff.

Sightseeing (446) – Enter this area to see some sub-categories that are full of great places to visit.
— Aircraft in flight (23) – Airplanes and other flying machines captured in the air
— Aircraft on the ground (25) – Airplanes and other flying machines captured on the ground
— Airports / Air Force Bases / Space Centers (29) – Airports and space centers from around the world.
— Bridges / Dams / Canals (12) – Famous bridges, dams and canals from around the world
— Famous Buildings – Non US (38) – Famous buildings from outside the US.
— Famous Buildings – Religious (17) – Churches, Mosques and other religious buildings from around the world.
— Famous Buildings – United States (26) – Famous buildings located in the United States.
— Famous Homes (12) – Homes of the rich and famous
— Giant overlays (7) – Huge overlays for things like population density, earth-at-night views, etc
— Historical Placemarks (8) – Locations of famous places in history
— Huge man-made structures/rock carvings (37) – Massive items that were created by or carved out by humans
— Huge words/symbols/artwork (10) – Giant words or symbols carved into the ground or cut into a corn field
— Natural Formations – Craters (9) – Meteor craters around the world.
— Natural Formations – Mountains (28) – Mountains and volcanoes around the world.
— Natural Formations – Other (19) – Other natural formations around the world.
— Other Stuff (45) – Sightseeing locations that don’t fit into any of the other sightseeing categories.
— Ships (15) – Various boats and ships, mostly military.
— Sports – Auto Racing (18) – Auto racing venues from around the world.
— Sports – Other Venues (23) – Stadiums, ballparks and other sporting venues around the world.
— Vacation Locations – Island/Beaches (10) – Famous islands and beaches around the world.
— Vacation Locations – Other (10) – Other popular vacation destinations.
— Vacation Locations – Theme Parks (25) – Theme parks around the world.

Traffic (11) – Overlays to show real-time traffic on your Earth

Weather (41) – Overlays to show real-time weather on your Earth
— Non-US / Worldwide (15) – Weather info for locations outside the US
— United States (24) – Weather info for locations in the US

Isn’t that great and incredible? I think it is! 😀

Have fun with your google earth! 🙂

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