ICQ 5 Devils – error sorted out!

Maybe as some of you know, certain ICQ users complain about their ICQ 5 not displaying ICQ Devils eventhough no prg blocks then and Flash 7 or 8 is installed.

I have been noticed by the ICQ Support a few days ago what caused this problem and how to fix it.

This problem is caused if the user profile path (e.g. “C:Documents and SettingsNafcomApplication DataICQLite”) contains a UNICode sign. If this is the case, then the data is saved in the ICQ program folder, not the Application Data folder of ICQ, which causes the inability to display the ICQ Devils.

Renaming the Windows user name won’t fix it, since the path doesn’t change after this was done. The best is to create a new Windows user which contains no UNICode sign (like, better use “Joerg” but not “Jörg”).

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