No more ICQ Support? Get active!

As we all know, the ICQ Team seems to have decided to give up the ICQ Focus Group

(where people have been able to complain about stuff and make constructive suggestions to improve stuff in the client of ICQ and its services and the ICQ Team read and replied to posts).

Furthermore, since March, 29th, 2006, there is no more ICQ Support either.
It seems to be closed forever!

Result: There is no place now where people can turn to if they need assistance with ICQ problems or to leave their constructive critism!

Since petitions doesn’t seem to cause much when you look around, I ask everybody who wants to fight for ICQ Support and the ICQ Focus Group to write a complaint letter to ICQ in Israel and USA.

The addresses as follows:

Mr. Orey Gilliam
General Manager
Kiryat Atidim, Bldg.7, 4 floor
P.O.Box: 58161
61580 Tel Aviv

Source of address


ICQ, Inc.
22000 AOL Way
Dulles, VA 20166

source: Whois entry

The Israel address is from end of 2003 and the USA address from 2004, so they should be valid.

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