Zooomr hype and my personal opinion

Update: I received an email/commentfrom the founder Kristopher Tate asking me to update my entry telling you that he is now (probably) directly in touch with me checking on those problems. Here a quote: “Your issues are due to a date formatting problem in your photos. I’m going to release an update that will fix your problems.
While I understand errors are frustrating, I am the only developer for Zooomr and certain issues get more priority over others.

So long 🙂


A while ago, a friend sent me an email about Zooomr. (I.e. one of the guys running it) asking me to write a review about it and he added “(Press, media exposure of any sort; lead developer is VERY happy to interview)”.

So far so good, but my motivation to use it flushed down the toilet. Granted, I got a pro account and whatnot for this and so on, but Zooomr has 3 major problems similar services like Flickr didn’t have even when they were in beta still – like Zooomr is now:

1) The inability for the average user to contact support because its email address – zfeedback[at]bbridgetech.com – is mentioned nowhere on the Zooomr homepage.

2) You receive errors that gets fixed and then get broken again a few weeks after permanently and for some errors they will tell you that they won’t let you know when they got fixed. So I got an account that more not works than is working!

3) You receive nice emails like those:

“Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 23:12:14 +0200
We already told you that we are working on this. Please do not
contact us until we give you an update.”

Today, it’s July, 22nd and still no “update”. Because I am nice and social and I saw that they updated Zooomr to version 2.0 and had DOS attack problems recently I wrote this email:

From: me
To: “Zooomr Support”
Subject: Fwd: Re: Zooomr Pro Account
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 16:26:57 +0200


I guess you are all busy with the re-launch, I will stand by and wait till that is fixed until you relaunched Zooomr.
I am sorry to read on your blog that you got a DOS attack!

Good luck to you at Zooomr for the relaunch and thanks in advance for fixing this thing mentioned in this ticket here 🙂

All the best!

Well, no reply. I lost my hope this thing will ever work right and get fixed.

Thanks for the account friends, but a pity it doesn’t work.

In my eyes those guys are totally overloaded and it’s so much to do and stuff, they are probably even too small (not enough employees?) to get this thing ever running up nicely.

So sorry, no review about Zooomr from my side – at least not for the moment.

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