DualPhone Experiences – Part 2

Nafcom’s Crap Blog!: DualPhone Experiences. And this now is part 2!

They have tpday released anew firmware which doesn’t say much in the changelog, but it seems to fix/improve the echo problem on PSTN calls.

Suite update has jumped from V2.08 to V2.18 and firmware update for base and handset from V0148 to V0151

The most recognizeable change is, that you now get displayed when the caller ID from an incoming call got disabled. (External call: Private)

Generally I have found out how the process works:

this is basicly what you do/what happens when you do a software/firmware update:

You download the latest dualphone suite package.
you disable any firewall
Place the handset in the base!
you double click the exe file and choose destination folder (auto-selected when you update)
The base firmware gets earesed then written then checked (the base’s “charging” LED is flashing, the handset displays “Out of order”).
The suite status display counts down the required remaining battery pack loading time so the handset firmware can get updated
After that, the fimware gets ereased, written, veryfied again. (The handset displays “Updating, please wait”).
Last but not least, the homepage writes, you have to keep the handset 15 minutes after that in the base, this is because the handset, base and the suite have to syncronize, I guess (a * is flashing in the handset display while this happens).

And things are done.

So, it’s basicly just 4 steps to do.

They made it quite fool-proof in the latest version, means if you do not place the handset in the base it will say “put in base!”

There is however something I worry about, it’s this Skype forum thread discussing RTX Dualphones battery pack dying after 9 months.

I hope this won’t happen to me, and if, then I will want a warranty replacement! 🙂

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