Skype Video issues and how to resolve them

Since it’s a famous question: What do I do if Skype Video does not work?

Here the answer:

0) If you generally have a problem with Skype, look first at the skype forums:

1) Forum: There is a list of supported webcams

2) Forum: There is a list of issues and how to resolve the problems:

reasons for failing video: a) old DirectX or b) Nvidia graphics card which is not supported.

So first update install latest DirectX. If it still does not help, you can read there which NVidia graphics cards are known to not work.

The Skype Team has released the 2.6 previews as you know, the 2.6 previews fixes the problem b) with the Nvidia cards since such are now supported, but notice that previews are with bugs:

2.6 preview site, check known issues and how to report bugs:

Report bugs here:

Notice: Every interactive place on the skype homepage requires to login. You use the same login information as in the Skype client.

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