Netgear WPN824 RangeMax and Netgear SPH101

It has been discussed in the Skype Forum thread here that the call quality of Skype standalone wi-fi phones can vary based on the connection quality between the phone and the router (disturbances).

Fitting to this, I found a very interesting question and its answer in the SPH101 FAQs which reads:

“What are the other areas of collaboration?
In addition to the NETGEAR Skype Wifi phone, NETGEAR and Skype also announced that the NETGEAR RangeMax Wireless Router (WPN824) with Smart MIMO technology, a 2006 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award honoree and the industry’s #1 selling MIMO-G product, will be equipped to optimize Skype. Adapting to changing wireless conditions is unique to NETGEAR’s RangeMax technology, and RangeMax routers dynamically avoid interference from neighboring wireless networks and eliminate dead spots to maintain the most reliable, high-performance, long-range network connections to each client, making them ideal for supporting applications such as Skype. Skype integration with NETGEAR’s RangeMax wireless router will further extend the companies’ leadership in innovative networking devices.”

Interestingly, I own the WPN824 RangeMax, because my old D-Link router died on me when I tried to activate WLAN for the SPH101 SPH101.

This is very interesting! 🙂
I had a look at its changelog, yet this has not been implemented in its firmware, it seems!

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