Blogger Support – From very good to very crappy

Customer support, 1 very nice topics I love to blog about steadly (as seen here).

Blogger support has been pretty good in past. Well, as this already suggests; past.

Eventhough Blogger in Beta is no longer in beta, they anyway seems to have decided to ignore any bug reports and help requests. Instead they just ignore.
I have sent tons of emails, my last email was even sent to the private addresses of Blogger Team members, this one got ignored, too. So literally all my emails since August 2006 stood unreplied.

And I am not speaking about small bugs but about such who cause my template to sometimes auto destroy itself, or damaged RSS feelds that cause 404 erros in many places in which my blog/blog’s feed is listed/syndicated.

Blogger Team, if you read this: I am very much disappointed and pretty much pissed!
You are worse than Technorati now, and that isn’t that easy! So if this was what you wanted to achive, congratulations!!!

Update: The Pisstakers have written a blog post regarding Blogger support based on mine.
Thanks for the support, guys! 🙂

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