Opera is the most secure browser

According to Opera Watch, it appears that Opera is the most secure browser. (Especially when it comes to security issue fixes).

Here is what they wrote:

“Ben Buchanan, on his blog, wrote about this a couple days ago. He compared the patch rate on security bugs in the four major browsers (IE, Opera, Firefox, and Safari).

Browser patches between Feb 2003 and Jan 2007:
IE6 – 67% patched (out of 110 reported bugs).
IE7 – 25% patched (out of 4 reported bugs).
Firefox 1 – 87% patched (out of 39 reported bugs).
Firefox 2 – 50% patched (out of 4 reported bugs).
Opera 8 – 100% patched (out of 15 reported bugs).
Opera 9 – 100% patched (out of 3 reported bugs).
Safari 1 – 93% patched (out of 15 reported bugs).
Safari 2 – 33% patched (out of 6 reported bugs).

Here are some snippets from the blog’s conclusion:

“Well, one clear thing is that Opera is the only vendor with a 100% patch record according to Secunia. Opera is also the only vendor that maintained its patch rate between versions – in fact you have to go back to Opera 6 to find an unpatched advisory (and there’s only one).”

“So at this time Opera wins the patch stakes. The argument can be made that Opera attracts fewer attacks due to small marketshare. That could be true – there’s no way to truly know, since malicious hackers aren’t polled – but when I’m doing my banking I don’t care if it’s true. I just care that my browser is secure; and Opera currently has the best record for fixing security issues.”

Good point! I am using Opera browser myself, and so does my mother and we are all glad with it

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