Interview: Opera M2 Expert answers questions & my wishes

Recently Opera Watch did an interesting interview with the person that is responsible for Opera’s email client M2 – Arjan van Leeuwen.

Here are my wishes for M2:

1) Please allow me to export and import M2 mails without the bugs and improve displaying also (random bugs like no format at display or double subject lines or to/from field, both at import and dsplay emails).

2) I have some emails in which from and to headers need switched orders (was a backup thing when I had problems with my PC).
I imported them but from should be to and to should be from.

3) Additionally for 2) , I want that I an move sent to inbox and vice versa easily.

4) Please fix the email display bug if from field or to field is formatted and gets messed up like

“”My Name”<phpbt”@blahblah.blaj&#62

It confuses Opera.

5) Sometimes emails are not displayed in Contacts view.

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