C64 Ochestra and their CD on Swedish television!

The C64 Ochestra and their CD RUN 10 has beeen mentioned on Swedish television!

The report can be watched here. The C64 part starts at 7.31 minutes. Thanks to my friend Martina, here is the English translation:

“C64 Orchestra is a Dutch symphony orchestra that interprets music from computer games of the 80’s. C64 alludes to Commodore 64, the biggest home computer at the time. I’ve put together a clip where you will first hear the original music to the game Commandos from ’85, then we’ll hear C64 Orchestra’s classical interpretation, and to this we’ll see images of the game Commandos. It’s not an official video, we’ve done it ourselves, watch this.

– And who shall get this as a Christmas present?

People interested in TV games that are a little curious about history as well. It’s pretty strange that people interested in TV games want to hear classical versions of old TV games music. There was a concert at Berwald hall for Halo 3, which was this fall’s big game release, Where an orchestra had played classical versions of the Halo music. The concert hall has held 3 concerts with music from Final Fantasy, another TV game. So for some reason fans of TV games want to hear symphony orchestras play their music.”

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