Using a 2nd router with USB port as a print server

A friend gave me luckily his old router and was very happy to see that this little beast contains a print server functionality thankks to an USB port to connect your USB printer to it. ALso my Epson Stylus Color 980 is mentioned on the compatibility list. Also they offer a step-by-step manual with pictures on their product page on how to setup their print server printers.

However what many do not know is how to connect a 2nd router to the primary router to let it work like an access point. A very nice manual for this can be found here. Highly

recommended!I assigned the IP .66 to the 2nd router but didn’t put it into the primary router but plugged it into the switch of the Ipevo SOLO Skype phone since I liked that the main devices were all connected to just one router, so sticked with it like that.

A hooray on Ipevo for allowing this kind of network structure!

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