Moving to full HD

I have decided to finally move to full HD. My old TV had huge red and green areas on the screen from time to time. I thought long about which TV to get, especially due to narrow budget but I wanted FULL HD. I found the Toshiba 32″ Regza XV Series
. The one I got was supposed to have a scratch on the front but I found NONE! Thanks Amazon! 🙂

The thing which I love a lot is that you can enable some kind of “PAL blurry” so when I connect my DTVs or my Pac Man Gold direct-to-TV joystick it works and looks like on a CRT screen then.

Also there is no blurryiness when watching bluray movies with fast movements. I checked and the picture is crystal clear! It also can be fully powered off which was very important for me!

Very impressive is that you see so much details in bluray movies, even the skin cells of the actors if you pay more attention.

Since I also have a wide screen TFT connected to my graphics card, I missed a 3rd DVI-D plug to connect the TV over HDMI to it.

So I bought this 2 Port DVI Switch Box but I got it lot cheaper from Amazon Marketplace.

Works perfect!

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