Skype on the iPhone.

Skype has been recently released on the iPhone. After T-Mobile Germany’s statement that they will blog Skype within their network,Skype now urges the European Union to help them allowing VoiP on the iPhone.

A bit about the reasons (from the Share Skype Blog written by Robert Miller who is Skype’s General Counsel.):

“I find it quite telling that Deutsche Telekom would be so bold as to announce this arbitrary blocking of Skype. They pretend that their action has to do with technical concerns: this is baseless. Skype works perfectly well on iPhone, as hundreds of thousands of people globally can already readily attest. But their announcement also demonstrates that some operators do not fear the customer or regulatory consequences of their bad behaviour. It’s worth noting that even if German consumers wanted to change mobile providers, they could not: like Deutsche Telekom, every other German mobile operator contractually forbids consumers from using VoIP applications. (this is the same in France, actually).”

Sure, he also says that we have got internet on the iPhone because we wanna use it without limitation on the iPhone. This is true on one side, but it’s also understandable if you can do calls on a flatrate base over Skype from anywhere, why would you call using the phone’s native call function which will bill you consideraly more?

for sure I hope Skype’s plan will be successful but I fear it might make the internet flatrate price on mobiles even higher!

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