Using the new Cyberlink PowerDVD remote control

I have been using PC to watch DVD from the PC connected to a TV and now I moved to BluRay and HD-DVD (cheaper than blueray thanks to the death of the format but with equal quality!).

In past I used ordinary wireless keyboard (until I switched to bluetooth).

But recently I got my hands on the new CyberLink Infrared Remote Control now with Interactive Navigation of Blu-ray Discs. Unfortunately they have no good product description on their site but I found a better one here. (CyberLink only has a Version Comparison table for the old remote control comared to the new one).

I have to admit its really worth the money! At first I thought it’s a bit cheesy to spend money for it but it’s really be controlled well with the remote ccontrol so it is very much worth the money! I can only recommend it, especially that you no longer have to stand infront te tv so you click on the right buttons in the software using your mouse! Also for BDLive content it is superb!

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