Review: FREETALK Wireless Headset – super wireless wideband for Skype

Shortly before the Christmas Session it arrived infront of my door, the FREETALK Wireless Headset.

Now you say we have seen this before? In fact the one tested by Skype Gear 2 years ago was a different model.

The new model (which is also called “iss-talk-5192-freetalk”) has the following technical data:

“*AvneraAudioTM radio chip for highest quality wireless audio clarity.

*Super wideband audio.

*Neodymium speakers for rich full range stereo sound 20Hz-20KHz.

*At least 5.5 hours of continuous use per charge.

*Charge and Talk.

*Innovative, light fold-flat design.

*Up to 15 metres effective range.

*Plug and Play instant use USB.

*Adjustable headband and microphone.

*Optimised for Skype – excellent for all internet calls.

*2m charging cable.

*PC and Mac compatible.

*Weighs 142g.”

Similarities to other headsets

The following features it has together with other wireless heasets:

-Charging cable

It’s just a normal mini USB cable, so you can extend it or replace it by a new one that is pretty neat.

-Plug and Play instant use USB

That’s what it has together with the others I have seen, so no biggie here.

-Adjustable headband and microphone.

Can be found on others too.

-You hear yourself when speaking

This is according to In Store, who sell it in the Skype Store a feature because on thick headsets you tend to have a problem hearing yourself.

The differences

-charging from the USB stick.

As mentioned above it’s using a mini-USB cable and that is connected between the stick and the headset itself for charging.

The battery life of 5.5 hours were met and even surpassed by a bit.

-fold it

You can fold it exactly like you know it from your beloved plane headphones which is pretty cool as it makes it less breakable if you sit on it by accident.

It comes with a bag to carry, even!

-super wideband audio. 20Hz-20KHz.

No other wireless headset sounded any better. there is no disturbance , distance is matched too and there is no sound difference between the wired ones.

-answer call button functions

According to the manual it can happen that this doesn’t work even if you enable key controls within skype which is unfortunately also the case for me. No solutions provided. That’s something I can just hope to see fixed some day by anybody.

(Probably not by Freetalk as this headset doesn’t come with extra drivers, it uses the ones shipped with Windows).



-light, foldable, you can carry around

-comes with a nice carry bag

-Audio quality surpasses the one of ANY other corded or cordless headset (it matches to the corded variant: the FREETALK Everyman headset)

-Uses normal mini usb for charging and this can be done while speaking!


-Skype button functionality doesn’t work for everybody even if settings in Skype as in the manual.

-You could have to get used hearing yourself.

If I was a designer, I would make this optional by a button on a headset but nobody asked me.

All in all, it’s the best wireless USB headset I have ever owned and that is why I will sell my other which I used up today.

Thanks Freetalk for releasing another kicker and to In Store for fast shipping.

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