New ICQ 7.2 officially available

Indeed: New ICQ 7.2 officially available exclusive on for download!

This is no surprise, it has been done before with previous versions.

New is that they put a special icq styled website on for that. Download ICQ 7.2 here. despite the homepage is in English the client itself is in English and other languages, just like 7.1.!

A slideshow of it can be found here. It is packed with more skins, a better skin management webmail support (Yahoo, GMail, more are supposed to follow in the future (e.g Windows Mail))

You can also decide whether you want to publish your ICQ status messages on pages such as facebook or twitter! (Interestingly this function doesn’t seem to be activated for the public now, the same was the case when announced 7.1 for dowload before it was on ICQ’s homepage, this is very strange!).

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