How Skype misses chances to put itself ahead of certain competitors

Skype-to-Skype calls are free, the rest costs “just a little bit”, that’s what Skype has been telling us for 7 years now.

Jean Mercier from the Skype Numerology blog points correctly out, that this promise is boken now since calls over the 3G will not be fre for long and then “cost a bit”.

So we have a lot of “bits” now:

SkypeIn number bits, voicemail bits (usually comes bundled), limited “Unlimited Calls” flat, mobile phone call bits (as not included in the limited “Unlimited Calls” bits, Skype2GO number bits, SMS bits, ur “voicemails converted to text with SpinVox” bits.

And soon we have 3G calls bits to pay. But this is not much of an issue, as Skype isn’t the leader in the IM for mobile phone area, it’s fring. The Israelis have a lot to offer and all for free. Not only do they allow calls over 3G and EDGE (since the limited dropped they immediately came up with a solution), but also video calls – for free of course!

But I want to speak about something else: The new beta with group video calling, also breaks this promise since they want a bit for this of your money as well.

Now people could argue “but group video causes more load on their services and they have to pay for that as well!”

Nope, Skype isn’t server based, it’s peer2peer!

It will be interesting to see what happens next!

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