What Skype Support won’t tell you: Find lost lost conacts in history

This is the first part of the new loose series of posts called “Help yourself”.

Being a professional account user and member with “gold status” (lol, yes, I did so much with Skype over the years, so it’s all my fault!), I have the lovely accesss to real time Skype Support.

Granted, their support is great and they have helped me a lot of times with things I couldn’t fix by myself.

One of those cases were when I deleted somebody a year ago but she was not on my block list neither noted down anywhere and Skype directory search resulted in over 255 results.

Skype support could only check the recent 6 months so I was a bit lost here.

Some side note: I am a Skype user since client version number 1 and so I probably have more files and folders in my Skype application folder than most of you. So don’t wonder please

So here is what you see in the Skype application folder for example:

Forget Windows’s internal “find” function, it won’t help you here!

Instead we use a nifty freeware tool called “Agent Ransack“.

Since the default settings won’t result in anything, we will change them accordingly.

And you can use the AND operator if you remember just ports of the person’s skype name.

On the right side you can see the SKype name you have been searching for in clear text.

Have fun with your new old friend and see you in the next episode of “help yourself”.

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