Why I have reverted back from Thunderbird to Opera Mail

So after trying out I figured that after a few weeks my Thunderbird would be stuck after half an hour of usage: And after a bit of Googling I found out this is the common behaviour as if your mail db grows too big you are out of luck, so according to their FAQ even, they say to  fix Fix slowness, crashing, error messages and other problems  by either rebuilding the database (which only gives you a few minutes in which you can use the program again until it reaches the point where the too many of the emails are about to be re-indexed and then it freezes on you again.

Fixing the update loop problem with Magix Music Maker Movie Score Edition


When buying this year’s update version of Magix Video Deluxe Plus (International name is Magix Movie Edit Plus) in it’s 2018 version, it’s shipped with a free copy of Music Maker Movie Score Edition (which is a variant of Magix Music Maker 2015)

I found an issue with the Music Maker always finding a new update, when I downloaded it over the update assistant, the update setup told me that it requires Magic Music Maker 2015 to be installed. So you are in a devil’s circle!

So, here is the solution:

1) Download the last official update: (German version / English international version)

2) The setup routine of the update will say that the latest version is already installed. Select “repair installation”, this will install the update

3) Check for new updates in Music Maker again and it will tell you that there are no new updates available.

Finally migrated my Blogger.com (Blogspot.com) Blog to my WordPress homepage!

I was tired of the inflexible Blogger system bought by Google and as you have noticed I posted less and less over the recent years! Time to modernize it!

The migration was done thanks to the  Blogger to WordPress plugin! I have written 1166 blogger posts (excluding this one) since January 2005. Unfortunately this was 38 posts too much so the first 38 posts I had to copy and paste manually before finaliziing the plugin config!


But the re-direction really works flawlessly, I just had to change some URLs of the template as the blog is in the /blog section of the homepage, while the archive permalinks of wordpress are in the root section of the homepage, the 404 error page of WordPress came up, well , not anymore! 😀

Try it out!:



Works neatly, doesn’t it? Now, I was surprised to learn that Archive displays on blogs is not a stock functionality of WordPress and not all plugins work nicely with the OneTone Companion theme that I use! I will figure it out with time, please bear with me! 🙂

How the changes of AIM / AOL Mail can crash your Opera Mail email client program!

As you may have heard or not, AIM is shutdown on December 15th 2017 after 20 years.

While the help article simply mentions “You will still be able to use your @aim.com email address to send and receive email as usual.” and I can still login to my nafcomaim[at]aim.com account, I have noticed a change:

my aim email address’ inbox is also now a sub-folder of the inbox of my primary aol mail account nafcom[at]games.com

And it appears to be a problem that the @ sign is in the folder name. As soon as Opera Mail tries to login and fetch the folders, it simply freezes with “Not responding” and crashes on click.

Thanks to the extended and professional troubleshooting of long time Opera community member “burnout426”, the following workaround was found (make sure your account is using IMAP, NOT POP3 or else all emails will be lost!):

1) Disconnect your computer from the internet
2) Run Opera Mail
3) Go to preferences of the AOL account causing the crash
4) Disable “check automatically for new emails” and “include when checking for new emails manually”.
5) Close Opera Mail
6) Reconnect your computer to the internet
7) Run Opera Mail
8) Add your AOL email address as new IMAP account
9) Wait till all emails from inbox and sent (and possible other folders) have been fetched.
10) Done! Enjoy continue using Opera Mail! 🙂

iCloud can’t be installed – the specified account already exists

Do you have the same problem like I have had with updating iCloud? The Apple Software Updater only offered me to download the setup file separately and install it manually but with no difference. I have always received the error ” the specified account already exists” and the installation aborted. Interestingly, this is not an iCloud specific problem but can happen to any Windows program but the problem is caused by registry error. Help and a method to fix this error, I found in The OpenOffice Forum. The problem is, iCloud cannot even be uninstalled due to the same error. However the solution is simple, use IOBit Uninstaller, it allows you to fully uninstall iCloud and remove all the remaining parts of iCloud afterwards, so that you can reinstall iCloud without running into this error ever again! 🙂

Get your newly purchased Sony Smartwatch 3 to work with your iPhone

If you are like me, and looked for a replacement for the Pebble but don’t want to waste your money on a too expensive smartwatch, the Sony Smartwatch 3 comes at a price of about 100 € and will be updated to AndroidWear 2.0 later this year. But until then we have a problem, the AndroidWear app on iOS cannot find the smartwatch 3 . And firmware updating via Bluetooth fails and results in the smartwatch 3 rebooting and re-trying endlessly. Unfortunately Sony simply told me “it’s not possible” despite the web said it is. So here is how it is done and how I did it myself 🙂

Here is the feedback I sent to sony including the solution I worked out myself as theirs failed. Hope this helps you! “Since Pebble unfortunately closed, I was looking for a cheap replacement for my Pebble Time. I came up with Sony Smartwatch 3. Prior to my purchase, I did a research on the Internet whether this Smartwatch with Android Wear will work on the iPhone. My search in the Google revealed entries in the Sony forum of users the said since June 2016, the Sony Smartwatch 3 is supported in Android Wear 3 for iOS. Unfortunately, the Android Wear app and the Sony Smartwatch 3 could not find each other. I thought to myself, I try the support, because you know surely what is more than if I have to “Google” to find a solution. Well, the lady unfortunately did not know there is Android Wear for iOS at all. Est told her she researched times and calls me back Monday, but then decided differently and has “held with a colleague consultation”. The answer was: “No is not going” When I then posed, if perhaps not simply the software on the Smartwatch is too old and whether one could not update via the PC, I received the answer: “No, via USB via the PC does not update”. And again wrong. See in your own forum: Https://talk.sonymobile.com/t5/SmartWatch-3/Smart-watch-3-frozen-on-the-downloading-screen/td-p/970106 “You have to download and install Sony PC companion in your PC. Then try to run a software update for your watch. In the Sony PC Companion try the following: Support Zone (click on start)> Software update (click on start)> the software prepares the update> select SmartWatch 3 from the list (click next)> here comes the tricky part: 1. Turn off the smartwatch3 2. (Take it off the wristband for easy access) 3. Connect the USB to the computer (do not connect the micro USB to the smartwatch3 yet) 4. Hold the power button until you get an image of someone connecting the USB to the watch. When this image is connected to the USB to the watch. (When I did it, it was different. 5. After you do step 4 above your computer will recognize your smartwatch and starts the software update. ” Thanks to the “PC Companion” for Windows, I was able to update the Smartwatch and successfully pair with Android Wear on the iPhone and can now use it wonderfully 🙂 Thank God, I am powerful to English and have not simply the statement “in the forum can stand a lot” so. From a purely logical point of view I was not clear why it should work with many other users and only with me not.”

The Pre-Disaster!

What is that when even your grandmother rings you up and is worried, because her daughter’s phone is always busy the whole day?

Right, it is The Pre-Disaster!

When and how does a pre-disaster happen?

Simple, you offer in a country in half a dozen cities internet & phone by cable tv. So, to be more congret; You offer what people in other countries have since ages!

Then you make it to an ok price and in an area no normal DSL internet is possible?

What happens? Right, a boom of costumers that sign up to the service!

What Bulgaria, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, UK and a few others have since ages, finally comes also to us!

Now, what happens if you cannot ring up your mother anylonger because of overloaded service? Right, you don’t bother 😛

So, imagine this, that you are not catchable by phone from morning till night, that adds up pretty much like 15 hours in a row hearing a “busy” sign when you try to ring somebody up.

Hehehe, I knew why I will keep my ex-monopoly phone company, 1st it’s cheaper to call to abroad, because you can use CallByCall phone companies and 2nd, Who would be so insane to pay for a call 1 USD per minute if you can do the same call for 0.04 USD per minute?

Now that my mother is barely catchable and the cable tv provider says “We are about to upgrade soon, but sorry that we can’t say exactly when!”

Ok ok, didn’t I mention DSL is technically not possible in that area to which I am about to move in February? Right, I will have to use that cable tv provider and there is only one there! I hope my internet will work better than the internet of my mother!

I get twice as much speed than now for the same price, but still, hey hey, I want a stable internet connection! I pay for it!

I only can hope all will work out fine. Right now I am scared and I receive calls from an annoyed mother!


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I Love Notepad Badly!

-“Oh ok, Nafcom loves notepad, but why?”

Because it doesn’t need an internet connection running

-“Oh yeah?!”


Trend researchers say, that in 5-10 years, over 90% of the world’s population will have an internet access and that receiving emails and checking your email inbox each morning will be as common as doing that with your letter- or P.O. Box.

Granted I am not 90% of the world’s population (but hey, wasn’t there that nice saying in English; “You can be on person on the whole world but also a whole world to one person”?! Heheh!).

Ok errr… So the first thing I do each morning is not heeding towards the bathroom, Noooo nooo! The first I do is switch on my PC, waiting that 240.37 1/2 seconds till it’s booted up (including my windows), connect to the internet, open M2 and listen to that “Incoming Mail!” mail sound, taken from ICQ Pro 2003b and check how much spam I got.

But not today, Noooo nooo! Today, I receive: “Error: domain or password invalid”. Aha! Then I remember… Uh wasn’t that I cancelled my DSL for February, 2005? (because I move and there in the new city I get CABLE internet, hauahauhauhauha!). Maybe they confused January with February?

(really! I have heard there are people who cannot count till 11 1/2!).

So I ring up the costumer support (by the way… A call to Brazil is cheaper than calling the costumer support!).

So after many tones, I hear a voice: “Good morning, how may I insure you?”, or something.

“Oh hey, yup it’s me here. You know, I have sent out a cancelling letter on December, 14th, 2004. Maybe you have confused February with January. Do you need help?”

A sympathic laugh on the other side of the line: “No, there is an error, people cannot log in since yesterday, infact nobody can!”.

And then, me: “Ah ok ok, do you know yet how long the problem is and what it takes?”

Her reply: “No, unfortunately not, I don’t know, I can’t tell!”.

Now that is groovy! They have no idea what the problem is or how long I won’t be without my email! I had a serious break this morning in my “same procedure as every day!” routine and they even cannot tell, wether the same hell happens again tomorrow?!

(My grandmother at my place would have asked: “Oh ok, and now a very very stupid question; What is the problem?”).

Now I feel like the Brazilians on my ICQ Contact List! Folks, I Feel With You!

Same thing with cancellation; Instead of sending a cancel confirmation, I found the day before yesterday a promotion letter: “Now get more service for your DSL, more features! APPLY NOW!!!!!!!!”.

Father, what a crap.

Was a nice thing, asking Mrs. DSL Costumer Service how that goes (I have never had to cancel my DSL, yet!). She informed me, that I get that letter shortly before it gets switched off! Aha! Ok!

Now considering that in my new flat, DSL is technically not possible, it’s rather silly to send me promotion to get a better DSL connection! I am going to move to one of the half dozen countries, where you can get cable internet!

Well, a couple of month ago, my phone line broke. Yes, on the phone service provider’s site, the cable broke! Before that, I had a lot of glitches (cracks!).

You know, I did those phone calls to abroad. and when somebody on the other side said: “The connection is bad”. – “Oh, that’s not Ghana’s fault, it’s an error over here!”

A similar thing with mobile phone provider, they don’t tell you if there is a problem, they just switch you off.

And their costumer service hotline wants 48 cents per minute! For this, I can do 2 calls to Ghana and 4 to Brazil! So, I better did emailing them, that is cheaper, and it helped!

Father, what do I love this country! I am feeling like in a country with no propper phone & internet services!

PS: Now as of 2 PM, it works again, hooray! =)

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Me in German TV (Heute+ in ZDF) and Skype video interview of Forrest S. Mozer!

Recently, I was interviewed by  German TV (Heute+ in ZDF) to talk about retro gaming and play on the NES Classic mini videogame console!

Here the video from Twitter!:

There was also a further more detailed article published along with it! (German originalgoogle translated to English)

Also the German commercial PC magazine PC Games released a summay of this interview on their homepage! (German Original / google translated to English)

Furthermore I had the pleasure to interview Forrest S. Mozer who is the inventor of speech synthesis and speech recolonization via Skype video:

Enjoy it!

More interview videos, podcast shows, our diskmag and more can be found on our homepage:


upgrading and refurbishing of a Sony Vaio VGN-FW46M laptop

I love my

Sony Vaio VGN-FW46M

it is with a huge brilliant screen, a BD writer and even a HDMI out.But the previously owned person beat the poor laptop half to death, it went 3 times to Sony repair center for warranty repair. and then was exchanged by an overpriced Macbook instead as it was too slow for her. and then it was sold to me.
So………probably due to the many repairs, the bluray reader got exchanged by a writer, the MATASHITA BD-MLT UJ230AS
It is highy recommended to do a fw update to latest 1.20 fw from 2010 but don’t do it from the sony homepage as the computer originally is shipped with the UJ230A, so without the S!
hardware upgraded:
from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM
Inserted a USB 3.0 PCMCIA Express card.
Battery replaced with a new one
the HDD got replaced first by a Samsung 480 Basic Series SSD then again with a 1 TB Crucial SSD
As the case is full of scratches and so on, I got a skin called “Colourful” to make it look good again! 🙂
Meanwhile, the Bluray drive front bezel broke off and I had to fix it with tape. on the way to me is a replacment bezel which is silver instead of the black original as its for the models SONY VAIO VGN-FZ11L PCG-382M but it should fit fine anyway. probably looks kinda stylish to have a silver line in the black sides of the laptop, let’s see 🙂 

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